Daily Schedule

6:30-7:00 Arrivals in Infant classroom

7:00-8:00   Open Choice/Learning Centers

8:00-8:15    Wash Hands

8:15-9:00    Breakfast/Books

9:00-9:15    Diapers/Potty Training/Teeth Brushing

9:15-9:30    Group Time

9:30-10:00  Art/Learning Centers

10:00-10:45 Gym or Outside

10:45-11:00  Wash Hands

11:30-11:30   Lunch
Books and Diapers to follow

12:10            Goodnight Routine

12:15-2:55   Naptime
Awake Room opens as children awake

2:45-3:00   Wash Hands

3:00-3:30   Snack (Diapers follow)

3:30-4:00   Open Choice/Science/Easel/Sensory

4:00-4:45   Gym or Outside

4:45-5:00   Transition Time/Diapering

5:00-5:30   Storytime/Quiet Activities

5:30-6:00   Clean-up and Goodbyes


Activities and Events



Music Class
Thursdays 10:30-11:00

Subject to change based on needs and interests of children.

Schedule allows time and support for transitions.